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Open every day except Wednesday,
Closed on Sunday evenings and Tuesday evenings.

July-August - closed on Wednesdays only.
Terroir and modernity

the Chief

Lionel Lascaud is a chef who takes inspiration from his family's terroir cuisine to test new tastes adapted to the diversity of his clientele. He feeds on his many trips to renew himself constantly.

Travel in Italy

Who said that the pizza was not worthy of being on the menu of a haute cuisine restaurant?

We are a member of the FRENCH PIZZERIAS ASSOCIATION and as such, we are committed to respecting a quality charter applied specifically to pizza.

Panoramic terrace a unique view of the Vézère

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Our engagements

Working with producers in our region

Producers of Périgord - Cheese artisans

Patrick AUSSEL

Walnuts from Périgord & breeder Lamb of Périgord


Producers of Périgord - Vollailles and foie gras

Poultry and foie gras

Maison Pellegris

Les Farges

Producers of Périgord - Seasonal vegetables

Vegetables according to season

Ferme d’Arthur

Ste Nathalène

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