Our cuisine - Foie gras of Périgord Our cuisine

Our cuisine our values

We are committed to a quality approach which obliges us to exemplary: traceability of provenances, fresh products, honesty of modes of transformations and short circuits.

The taste experience is our requirement

Our dishes are elaborated on the spot, on demand, from starter to dessert. Also, we renew the map, with the seasons and according to the market. We are always looking for the best product associated with the know-how of local producers and we are on the lookout for new trends and new flavors.

THE PIZZA in the state of the art

We make our dough on the spot and let it rest 48 hours minimum, so that it is more digestible and crispy. Then, we stall it by hand.

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Pizza of the moment

Pizza of the moment

La Parma

Tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham PDO (16 months of ripening), Parmesan PDO (16 months maturing.)

Our producers

Fresh products & short circuits

Our vast palette consists of fresh, seasonal and local products, certified, organic, labeled for the most part as IGPP, AOC ECOCERT, DOP.

Fresh and local products